About Arc

As a design studio, our focus is on creating spaces with an emphasis on considered details. The meeting of points and junctions between materials are so important and can become the hero of a design.

So often door and joinery pulls are an afterthought but it’s one part of a design you touch and use every day. Why wouldn’t you want to make it as beautiful as you can with its texture, shape and colour?

The warmth timber brings to a design is timeless. We have designed the profile of the timber pulls to be functional and display the natural beauty of the grain. All our timber pulls are proudly made in New Zealand.

Our journey into resin epitomises the functional art pieces we strive to create. The beauty of pattern and colour shows a soft, often playful and dramatic side to the hard finishes it’s mounted on.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to art I can get my hands on. Usually ceramics, gorgeous glass vases and timber trays/bowls. I love the thrill of using and appreciating a special piece every day.

I have worked as an interior designer in the architecture industry for the last 15 years and have been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented designers on exciting projects all over the world, and am now settled back in New Zealand.

I love being able to express my designs with our constantly evolving range, and am excited with the endless opportunities to create one off pieces of art.

– Sally

Sally Arc Dept

About Pittella


Who We Are

Pittella produces luxury Italian designed and manufactured architectural door and bathroom fittings. Beautiful, disciplined design and an inherent Italian style that is manifested in every product are the hallmarks of the Pittella brand.

What We Do

Pittella’s product ranges are a seamless fusion of traditional craftsmanship, combining the work of generational artisans and leading modern technology. Products are engineered for longevity and a long-standing Italian manufacturing plant manned by a dedicated team of engineers in Italy ensure design integrity and quality.

Simone F. Pittella
Managing Director